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Interview with Enakshi Johri - By Nainika Gautam

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Here we get to know her a little more closely:

Hi Enakshi, please introduce yourself.
Hello, I am Enakshi. I am a post graduate in Biotechnolgy. I completed my PG from Amity university and am currently working as a freelance Academic content writer. I am also working as a regular author for an online e journal cum magazine, Indus woman writing (IWW). My journey as a writer began with blogging, following which I started contributing for different e journals and magazines. I am an introvert by nature. Watching  movies and  reading  books, are my favourite pastime.

You not only write stories, poems, articles but you are also an academic writer, how do you manage between these.
As long as I have to write something, be it academic content or literary content, I can manage easily.  Being a Biotechnologist is my vocation and writing is definitely my avocation. I always wanted to pursue my career in the field that I love. And here I am, living my dream and enjoying every bit of it.

Being a postgraduate in Biotechnology, don’t you feel you have moved to a field completely different from your base? Do you feel the difference is a big one?
Yes, I agree that I have chosen an entirely different field. But the brighter side of this is that I have been able to merge my biotechnological skills with writing. Confused, eh? Academic writing involves projects and research articles (related to biotechnology/biology) that need to be prepared after thorough study of the topic and this makes it easier for me to keep in touch with what I have studied. The difference would have been bigger had I chosen something different from academic content writing.

So Enakshi, what you enjoy most, life as a writer or life as a biotechnologist and why? 

Right now, I am enjoying my life as a writer. May be some day, when I decide to step into the corporate world and start working in the laboratories, I will enjoy being a biotechnologist also. Until then, till I get my writing down to a fine art, I will cherish every moment spent as a writer.

What role does the cover of book plays according to you? 

The most vital component of every book is its cover page. Readers do not just take pot luck but instead they analyze the content of the book by its cover. The title, images, embossing and other captivating features on the cover page, grab the attention of the readers easily.

Say something about your story, “The red fountain”.

“The Red Fountain” is a story about hope, love and life. It revolves around the life of a woman, who is waiting for her love to return. The story portrays the patience and the solitude, possessed by the protagonist and also explains that life is down to the wire. You can never predict what will happen next and how will it change your life. All you can do, is hope.

Your story is basically on how a girl lives in the hope that her lover would return to her some day. Don’t you think moving on is better? 

If you knew that despair and hope were the paths to the same destination, which would you choose? I would choose hope. And this is because when darkness falls upon your heart and soul, you require a guiding light to help you stand tall.

Who all are the lead characters of your story? 

There are two main leads - Linda and Russel.

Which character is your favorite and why? 

Although both the characters hold a special place in my heart, I like Russel’s character the most. He has been shown as a simple, down to earth  man, who enjoys every bit of his life. He is a class act and his actions speak for him. People like him, not because he butters up, but because his simplicity makes others fall in love with him.

Is this story inspired from your real life incidents, if not, how did you come up with the plot? 

No, this story is not inspired by any real life incident. When I came to know about this anthology, it was quite late.  Since I had to write this story against the clock, I ensured all the elements of romance were included. I began with the description about the lead characters and the words started pouring in automatically. Call it my imagination or vivid dreaming, “The Red Fountain”, has been written from the core of my heart.

How is the experience of working with Gargi Publishers? 

Gargi Publishers is one such family that supports you through the thick and thin. All the people here, are hardworking and very supportive. The best thing about this publishing house is that it provides a platform for the new and aspiring writers to demonstrate their writing skills and move ahead  in this field.

What is your message for the readers? 

Every individual has a story. It is not necessary to camouflage and adorn your writing with complicated and pretty words. “Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little”.

(This interview was taken by Nainika Gautam under the internship program by Gargi Publishers)


  1. Very good interview in all aspects. Well asked questions and similarly perfect answers. Nice to know about Enakshi and her story, 'The Red Fountain.'

  2. Can't wait to get my hands on this book- the notebook of romance, kiddos to enakshi

  3. Dear Enakshi,
    Your imaginations n vivid dreaming leads u to this level.Keep it up , you have potential to be a star... wish u all the best for ur bright future....
    I am going to grab the one copy for me n one for my best friend at the earliest.

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  5. Congrats Enakshi...
    & very inspiring interview...!!