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Interview with Geetika Gupta- By Nainika Gautam

Geetika is a passionate teacher and finds solace in the joys of her students. Writing is one thing that helps her and brings out the best forms of expressions. Her work is published at various websites. Reading, writing, learning new things, meeting new people and  travelling are few of her interests. Intelligence, humour and honesty attract her the most. She lusts for knowledge and quenches her thirst in finding out the answers for herself. Compassionate, empathetic, enthusiastic, full of life, curious, wanderer are few words that describe her best. Loves excitement and is a sucker for love.

You can read her brooding thoughts at www.geetikagupta.com

She can be contacted at:-

Email - inquisitivegeet@gmail.com

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/geetika.gupta3

To read her story "What goes around, comes around", order your copy of ITS ALL ABOUT DOGS AND BITCHES here: Amazon

Here we get to know her closely:

Nainika: Hi Geetika, first of all congratulations for another feather in your cap “It's all about dogs and bitches”. Coming to my first question:

Geetika, loving your students so dearly, how do you think can your writing be helpful for them? 

Geetika: Well, I haven’t written anything of the sort that would help them. But yes, if they read what I write, they definitely know me more than I think they do. Moreover, I write things that are quite generic, so it would be lovely to hear if they relate to what I write. My students are in their late teens and this is the time when one has lot of lost of friendships, broken hearts and need someone who can fathom their situation and understand the tsunami of emotions going inside them. And that is where I come in. Knowing me and my writing helps them connect with me. Few students do approach for their personal matters. I think it is all about making connections and having the confidence in the other person. 

Nainika: What role does your profession plays in your hobby of writing?
Geetika: My profession helps me understand the dynamics of how things work with students and that helps me put it in my writing. It kind of rejuvenates me and takes me back in the time when I was a student. And how I used to look at things then, and how have they changed, how I have evolved over a period of time and it only makes you more philosophical. As they say, being a writer you don’t have to judge, you just have to understand. Getting paranoid over a zillion things, which don’t even matter after a certain time, I think that is how things work around, specially at that age. So yeah, my profession is a great inspiration for me to write countless stories.

Nainika: Being a teacher, or being a writer, what is that you enjoy most and why? 

Geetika: Both. Teaching my students, meeting them regularly, sharing a joke or two in the class to make the subject interesting, seeing them smile and the contentment I get after every class, is immense. That feeling can never be compared. Ever. And this helps me keep my sanity alive. Writing helps me discover myself, my emotions, my take on various aspects and how things function in the society. It helps me voice my opinions and allows them to be heard and valued. At least that is what I think it does. And a word of appreciation or two is always does the needful.

Nainika: Tell us something about your story, “What goes around, comes around” in “It's all about dogs and bitches”.

Geetika: It’s a story about two friends, Gia and Aarav. How relationship work these days in college, this story gives a sneak peek into the lives of these mature students. How people change and how fragile relationships are, how everything goes around the word called trust. One has to be really careful while investing in their relationships and that what this story tells. 

Nainika: Which one word describes your story best? 

Geetika: Intriguing.

Nainika: Tell us something about the lead characters.

Geetika: The lead characters are Gia and Aarav. Gia is a popular girl in her college because of the thorough knowledge. She is a helpful soul with a kind heart. Aarav is a nice guy, who wants to have fun and make the most at the same time. He knows how to make way for himself and get things done without letting anyone know what game he is playing. When they both meet, they discover a lot more things about each other than they ever thought they would know and that is where it gets interesting. 

Nainika: Which out of these is your favorite?

Geetika: Of course, Gia!

Nainika: How do you see success of this book?

Geetika: This book contains excellent stories, each revolving around the relationships, revealing its various faces. All these brilliant writers have come together to pen for this book. I think this book will do pretty good in the market.

Nainika: How close is your story to real life?

Geetika: Well the characters are pretty close to me in the real life, but the story is a fiction. There are a few aspects that are picked from real life, but major part of the story is fiction only.

Nainika: Why should we, the readers, buy "It's all about dogs and bitches"?

Geetika: Well, “It’s all about dogs and bitches”, show how the definition of love has changed over a period of time. Gone are the days, when girls used to be the scapegoats of everything. Today, the same happens with boys as well. It contains stories that I think every reader could connect with at some point or the other. Also, if you’re fond of reading about relationships, this is just for you. For every story is different and shows a different purview of relationships altogether.

Nainika: What would be your message for readers?

Geetika: My message would be to always have faith in you. Never go down for someone else in your life and lose your value. You are much more worth than you think you are. Fall in love, explore it around, feel the happiness and be cautious at the same time. Never allow anyone to play with your feelings. If you like my story, “What goes around turns around”, do leave a message. A word from you will always make my day. Thank you.

(This interview was taken by Nainika Gautam under the internship program by Gargi Publishers)

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