Sunday 23 June 2019

Crumpled Voices 4 Guidelines :)

Here comes the guidelines of our much anticipated book Crumpled Voices 4. Last date of submission is 15th July, 2019.
Theme - Any social issue like poverty, medical negligence, mental health issues like depression and PTSD, LGBTQIA, political corruption, educational corruption, harassment, parents pressure, rape, acid attack etc.
Email id -
Contributory Fees - 2500 INR
Perks - 4 author copies, promotional posters and social media promotion with paperback as well as ebook availability and an opportunity to be a part of our family.

Monday 11 April 2016

Interview with Bernard D'sa- by Nainika Gautam

Bernard D’sa is born and bred in Mumbai but settled down in Bangalore. He has a degree in English Literature and has also studied philosophy and spirituality. He writes a blog “Beautiful Inspirations” which is instrumental in inspiring and motivating masses .He is also a prolific writer of poetry and philosophy. His books include “Symphonies of Love”, “The Essence of Eternal Happiness”, “When Cupid Struck its Arrow”, “Sweet Temptations” and “Amazing Grace”. You can find his recent work on Amazon, Flipkart and Infibeam. He also writes on topics of Inspiration, Business, Philosophy, Spirituality, Arts and Poetry. He is involved in NGO activites and owns a publishing house “RainDrops Company”. 

Bernard has been a freelancer writer for various magazines and newspapers like Times of India, The Hindu and The Deccan Herald. 

He regularly writes to magazines such as Renewal Voice, Prision Voice, Philosophical magazines. In 2009 he introduced a newsletter called Inspirational Times which had inspirational stories inspiring quotes and then he introduced a small booklet called Bernard Poems which had poems written by him...later on he started writing love sonnets into a book called Collector’s Guide. Soon it became very well known among his friends and they began demanding for copies was difficult to manage all three at the same time so he merged both together into one giving a complete new platform to Beautiful Inspirations.

And then from newsletters to books, emails to blog, orkut to facebook..... 

The tag line goes very well stating “One Source, Many Inspirations”.... Keeping God as the mail source of all inspiration.

His first poetry book “Symphonies of Love” published by The Poetry Society of India was well appreciated by the critics and poetry lovers it was the bestseller list at #79.

His second poetry book “The Essence of Eternal Happiness” was an anthology of 29 poems written by 29 poets from 6 different countries. This book was on the Amazon bestsellers list at #8.

His third book “When Cupid Struck its Arrow” was again on the bestsellers list with 21poets from different spheres of life.

His fourth book “Sweet Temptations” was launched on 14th Feb 2015 at The Delhi World Book Fair. He was recently on the list of 21 Top Indian Poets to Follow on Facebook by


To read his poems in “Skipped Heartbeats”, order your copies today here

Here we get to know him more closely:

Nainika: Hi Bernard, first of all congratulations for Skipped Heartbeats:

So Bernard, owning a publishing venture yourself, how do you feel to be a part of team Gargi Publishers.

Bernard: Well it feels great to be a part of Gargi and working on this book alongside Pulkit. For people those who don’t know, RainDrops Company has been doing marketing and distribution of books published by Gargi in South India. We have time and again discussed about a collaborative project on poetry books and it has been delayed a lot. We both individually are so engrossed in our respective works. Let’s see if 2016 works in our favour.

Nainika: How do you feel to live a life with so many achievements at this age?

Bernard: It feels great to have a dream and work hard towards it and the pleasure you get when you achieve it.

Nainika: What difference do you see in your life before and after entering literary industry?

Bernard: I was lost in wilderness and kept on looking out for meaning in life. In spite of having a successful career there was something lacking into it, eventually found my lost life in words.

Nainika: Do you see yourself worthy enough to be called successful, if not, what still do you feel lacking?

Bernard: Success is a by-product of hard work and persistence. Well compared to what we started with, I feel we have moved on but again to make a big mark; a continuous hard work is required.

Nainika: If not a writer/poet, what would you have been?

Bernard: I would be have been a Computer Expert 

Nainika: Tell us something about your poems, “When love begins to evolve” and “I am there besides you”.

Bernard: I always consider God as the main source of inspiration and always believed that it’s God who makes relationships. Both of my poems are based on this theme of a strong relationship blessed by the almighty. The poems are personal for me as few life instances have been mentioned here

Nainika: Which among the two is your favorite?

Bernard: Both (laughs) Very difficult when it comes to judging your own poems, among the two “When love begins to evolve” is pretty close to me 

Nainika: What is the part of your poems that you feel great about?

Bernard: I feel my poems are pretty simple and easy to read and understand. I don’t want my readers to sit with their dictionaries widely open.

Nainika: What would be your tips for young and aspiring writers/poets like us?

Bernard: Keep writing and never worry about how it is going to be shaped or how the book will be its not your job to worry about, your publisher will manage that. Never write for reviews or to impress any one. A genuine piece of art is much appreciated.

Sunday 3 April 2016

Interview with Ayaan Basu- by Nainika Gautam

Ayaan is an engineering graduate and an author known for his best selling debut novel- Story in my Mind and anthologies like: Moonlit Matinee-1, Upper Cut, and Fusion. Being single apart from writing, he is an ardent reader, backpacker and a cook. 

He can be contacted at:- 

Email - 


Twitter - @ayaanbasu5

To read his story, order your copy of Moonlit Matine-4 here

Here we get to know him closely: 

Nainika: Hello Ayaan, many congratulations for Moonlit Matine-4:

Please tell us something more about yourself.

Ayaan: Profile remains the same – Techie, Back-Packer, Cook and a Struggling writer .I will keep you updated if there are any changes J

Nainika: Out of so many books that you were part of, which one is your favorite?

Ayaan: As an author, each book is an individual effort of hard work and creativity so generalizing them will not be fair on my own hard work as all of them are very close to my heart.

Nainika: Among your hobbies, writing, travelling and cooking, which one do you enjoy most?

Ayaan: I travel because I write and I cook because I travel and keep tasting delicacies in and out of India so all three are linked to each other. 

Nainika: According to you, what can better express feeling of love, poetry or prose?

Ayaan: Listen to your heart – many a times it gives answers to the question you might have been searching for a long time, may be in form of love or expressing through a story, poetry or a prose.

Nainika: Please throw some light on your story, “Christmas Eve in Park-Street” in Moonlit Matinee.

Ayaan: Christmas is very different in my hometown mainly due to the existence of the huge Anglo community and over the years it has become a festival of Kolkata rather than being limited to one particular community and meeting Radhika accidentally after half a decade suddenly in Park-Street triggered the idea of writing this story keeping the festival as the main theme. 

Nainika: Who are the lead characters of the story?

Ayaan: The story mainly has two characters: Rupam – a successful writer settled in Bangalore with roots from Kolkata and Radhika – happily married and once upon a time Rupam’s batch mate and his college sweet heart.

Nainika: Which character is your favorite and why?

Ayaan: Radhika is my favorite character because in real life there was someone similar like her who taught me to value human emotions.

Nainika: How close is your story to the real life?

Ayaan: Pretty close but not entirely – When you start your graduation days with adrenaline rush to explore and challenge the unexplored, stepping into a new world with oceans of opportunities , everything looks like either black or white but this girl Radhika added colors to the energy , eventually through which maturity came into existence which made me a better human being.

Nainika: How was your experience writing romantic story?

Ayaan: Good as always – I mainly love writing romantic stories more in form of serious emotional connection and with good reviews from my readers it gives the motivation to write something even better making the experience till now worth having.

Nainika: Give me one reason to pick this book, as a reader.

Ayaan: Romance cannot be packed in one box and labelled but it should have varieties which the book offers.

Nainika: Would you like to share any experience you had while writing,“Christmas Eve in Park-Street”?

Ayaan: When one of Rupam’s & Radhika’ S mutual friend read the final draft, I was asked – “So did this incident in Park-Street really happened which I am not aware of?”

Nainika: Would you like to give any message for readers?

Ayaan: Read us! - That’s the biggest encouragement we look for to come up with something even better in future in form of stories or poems in multiple genre.

Friday 1 April 2016

Interview with Rajendra Kumar- by Nainika Gautam

MCA, MBA and IT professional by profession, Rajendra is currently working in Delhi-NCR based MNC. He used to like the encounters which occur in software development lifespan but his desire embraces reading and writing concurrently. He is someone who believes in living life to fullest and doing something exceptional without bothering about risk and tradition. 

He was born and brought up in Bokaro Steel City, from where he did his schooling as well. He did his graduation from Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribag in Commerce stream. 

In his leisure time, he loves reading, watching Hindi and English movies and listening to all kinds of melodious music. 

Recently, he contributed in an anthology named “Was It Really Love?” which was published by Arusha Books India. 

He can be contacted at:- 

Email - 

To read his story, order your copy of Moonlit Matinee-4 here

Here we get to know him closely

Nainika: Hello Rajendra, many congratulations for Moonlit Matinee-4:

Rajendra, you are an IT professional, had I given you to choose between your profession and writing, what would be your choice?

Rajendra: No doubt by profession I’m an IT guy but by passion I can consider something like reader & writer myself but honestly it didn’t fulfill my practical liabilities cum responsibilities once moved to life’s race. So once it came to choose about profession and passion I tried to create a load balancer, primarily to stand with profession and later to express my zeal towards literature that is happening now. But if you are going to ask to choose something specific one then I’ll answer yes one day I’ll pick my passion fully, I’m waiting for that moment eagerly.

Nainika: How do you manage between your profession and pursuing your hobbies?

Rajendra: It’s pretty easy to make you happy yourself and you’ll get the way to fulfill the desire and same thing is occurring in my case too. I’m fully devoted with my profession in office time and as soon as get leisure time then used to drench with literature, it would be either reading, blogging or writing etc. Even my better half supports a lot to make this possible in each manner.

Nainika: According to you, what can better express feeling of love, poetry or prose?

Rajendra: I believe love is a feeling, an emotion to express the care and make pleased to him/her without thinking a little bit in returning. It’s a just bonding between two hearts rather than look, cast & religion etc. and to express these feelings can be applicable via poetry, story etc. but depends person to person. I feel feasible to express using poetry and story. 

Nainika: Please throw some light on your story, “An Internal Bonding of Two Hearts” in Moonlit Matinee.

Rajendra: Very honestly you can get lots of love stories based on teenager or youth but I tried to express the moments & love scenario which occurs post love marriages. Since now a days life is too fast and expectation is on pick demand so mid of these how can people get the real balance between hearts and daily life schedules that was the my story which narrates about pure love which say love exist in your hearts, in the moments which you spend together. Love never end it’s just spreading just need to blow the feelings from bottom of hearts.

Nainika: Who are the lead characters of the story?

Rajendra: In this story lead characters are young couple, either it is girl Deepna or boy Ayan both are having equal space to express their feelings & moods and impatience simultaneously. 

Nainika: Which character is your favorite and why?

Rajendra: I like personally Ayan’s characters which somewhere indicate a matured guy who think about love and want to hold the love of life by keeping value & respect of marriage.

Nainika: How close is your story to the real life?

Rajendra: I believe it’s much closer to real world and the new era of generation where new generations are running behind practical life and achievement but losing the rules & custom as well as traditional value concurrently.

Nainika: How was your experience writing romantic story?

Rajendra: It’s an endless season of writing once theme comes to romance because we people feels it heartily and see the same everywhere in life.

Nainika: Give me one reason to pick this book, as a reader.

Rajendra: Moonlit Matinee is a well-known anthology published by Gargi Publishers and there is no doubt about quality of stories so it would be enough reason to pick this book as a reader.

Nainika: Would you like to share any experience you had while writing , “An Internal Bonding of Two Hearts”?

Rajendra: Honestly all characters and scenario are factious but the feeling of romance & emotion are somewhere replicate our lives. Once I was writing this story I was bit worried to make balance between new generation’s love and value of marriage. Even I was bit tense to show the real pain which comes in divorce because divorce is not a solution it’s just a stage.

Nainika: Would you like to give any message for readers?

Rajendra: If you love anyone then respect him/her, respect their feelings and values without thinking little bit in return something.

Thursday 31 March 2016

Interview with Jaydeep Surendra Khot- by Nainika Gautam

Jaydeep Surendra Khot is 21 years old and is an alumnus of Narsee Monjee College of commerce and Economics. He is also a final year student of chartered accountancy course. He is a marathon runner. His favourite subjects are history, economics and psychology. 

Writing is his passion. 

He can be contacted at: 



To read his poems in “Skipped Heartbeats”, order your copies today here

Here we get to know him more closely:

Nainika: Hi Jaydeep, Congratulations for Skipped Heartbeats

Jaydeep first of all I would like to know how a charted accountant manages with his hobby of writing?

Jaydeep: I am chartered accountancy student. Well, I manage studies. I write in my spare time.

Finding out spare time is a tough task but a compulsion, as writing is my passion.

Nainika: What all do you like to pen down?

Jaydeep: I like to pen down stories. Then they take their own form which are poems, short stories and novels.

Nainika: What would you call your favorite genre?

Jaydeep: Suspense Thriller.

Nainika: Poem or Stories, what do you love more?

Jaydeep: Poem!

Nainika: And which among both reaches close to readers’ heart more?

Jaydeep: Poem does, any day! They are beautiful words written a form which makes way to your heart and remain their with you eternity.

Nainika: Throw some light on your poems, “The Lonely Girl”, “Breaking the Ice”, “Love Not Find” and, “Gone, Too Soon” in Skipped Heartbeats.

Jaydeep: That is for the reader to interpret.

But what I say is that I wrote them and I was very nervous.

This is my first poetry that got published.

Nainika: Which among the four is closest to your heart or you feel closer to your life?

Jaydeep: They are all close to my heart. I have written them on the situations which everybody faces at some point of their life. So almost all can relate to them.

Nainika: What according to you should be in a poem that makes it the best one?

Jaydeep: Feelings. You should pour them out and the poem is the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Nainika: How is this anthology different one from the pool of anthologies in market?

Jaydeep: The poets are all unique and that’s what makes this anthology extraordinary.

Nainika: If you had to give one title to this based on your poems, other than Skipped Heartbeats, what it would be?

Jaydeep: No, I won’t. The reason being I wrote these poems specifically for skipped hearts beat.

So that is an irreplaceable name. I absolutely love it.

Nainika: Jaydeep, my last question would be a task actually, I’m giving you five words, you have to give a message in form of poetry to our readers using those words, so your five words are,

“Cadence, years, perpetuity, downhearted , stunning ”


The cadence of years have passed,

Almighty perpetual time hasn’t downhearted me,

I am still stunned with your love.

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Interview with Prapti Vaidya- by Nainika Gautam

She is a student at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. She is a very passionate, strong, jubilant, and an ardent poet. She also loves sketching and creating the best of anything. 

She can be contacted at: 

To read her poems in “Skipped Heartbeats”, order your copies today here

Here we get to know her more closely:

Nainika: Hi Prapti, first of all congratulations for Skipped heartbeats.

First of all we would like to know something more about you.

Prapti: I m Prapti Vaidya- known to be princess in my family and friends. A firm teenager of class 12th,studying at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavans, Nadiad. I am a girl with a carefree attitude who hates rules and believes in taking risk because the biggest risk is in riskless living. Books are my life and I m really greedy for reading books of all tastes. Writing gives me life when I am in despair. words rule my life and I rule with my words. To play with words and inking the pages with emotions gives me much needed contentment. I aspire to become a poetess by touching hearts. Like no other, I love daydreaming and I believe in living my dreams. Reserved in nature and believes in the words that are unspoken coz some things can only be expressed and some only painted. Love to take up challenges and is the girl with no limits of craziness. I express myself through poems and sketches. Life is only once you live and so working to make it the best.

Nainika: Prapti, you love creating best of anything, what all does this anything include and how do you pursue that?

Prapti: Yes, I love to create best of anything ,no matter what it is. I believe that to make this world a better place, one can actually make difference and to make this difference ,I have set my mind to create only best. I never bother to carry things with me when I m out except for a mind and a speaking heart. I believe that all the things are already best created, only the way at looking it varies.

Nainika: What flavor does your poem add to the book?

Prapti: Well, this is tough. I try adding all the flavors in one. But I love the mixture of sweetness with a little bitterness. I try capturing the hearts with the wonders tricking love story that is a real fantasy. I like stories with sour secrets, pretty promises ,healed hearts and souls that somehow survive.

Nainika: Throw some light on your poems (Skipped Heartbeats) in skipped heartbeats.

Prapti: My poem is an amazing love story of a girl and a boy in love. A girl who was dedicated to her love unaware of the fact that he tricked her. The broken heart then meets a other guy. Their friendship grows with time. Trying to cope up her love, she trusted in friendship unknown that the relation may turn frenzy. Again broken, this time it was hard for her to move on. Only when she happily moves on, the old love returns to her with regret. Strong to deny ,she was firm to make no relations. He rue his deeds when he actually understands the real meaning of love. Unable to accept the denial, he quits his life. She decides to accompany him as they had promise to be together till the end and she leaves with a skipping heart beat.

Nainika: What is the most striking feature of your poems?

Prapti: It is that, my poems are not actually the ‘poems’ but the words of my heart-the heart which always wanted to speak. My poems are a bundle of rhymes which I think is the most loved part. I rhyme my heart and mind to give it a perfect start. I play with words and win with poems.

Nainika: Was there any specific reason behind writing this?

Prapti: Actually there wasn’t any specific reason writing this. Its just that when I feel low or in distress, I pen things down and I never knew when this turned out to be such an amazing poem. I just wanted a little motivation and a good start which is why I got my work published.

Nainika: If you had to rename this book on basis of your poems, what name would you have given?

Prapti: I would have named it “A LOVE TO BE PROMISED”

Nainika: What are your expectations with Skipped Heartbeats?

Prapti: Well, it is my first anthology I have worked for. I never thought of getting a chance to work with such an amazing team. This book is really special to me and I think “skipped heartbeats” shall leave the people’s heart skip a beat when the words touches them.

Nainika: Prapti, my last question would be a task actually, I’m giving you five words, you have to give a message in form of poetry to our readers using those words, so your five words are,

“Effect, Creation, Beautify, Amazing, Gracious”

“My poems are the creation of my heart

With your gracious support, I can beautify this art.

We are just writers

But you readers are the real riders

Of amazing words we write

Your motivation can set us right

This effect of rhyme

Shall be the hearts fall in love, considering it no crime.”

Monday 28 March 2016

Interview with Dr. Rohit Shetty- by Nainika Gautam

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Rohit Shetty is academically a Chemical Engineer (Dip. + B-Tech) post which he has been trained and certified in various Computer Courses including Java, Oracle, and Cisco’s Network Security.

Rohit Shetty had a profound art in writing from an early age. Being an introvert person he always used to pen his emotions which turned to poetry thus started his journey in the literary field. Having penned 9 books, Rohit writes as a hobby and is currently into his family business and also heads First Step Publishing in an attempt to take his hobby to a next level. With over 80 writers from 5 countries associated with him, Rohit has taken publishing distribution to a different level by distributing his titles in 19 countries in paperback format. 

His published titles include: 

Breaking Silence (Poetry) 

Breaking Silence 2 (Poetry) 

Breaking Silence 3 (Poetry) 

Breaking Silence 4 (Poetry) 

Silent Voices (Poetry) 

Colours (Poetry) 

Murdered To Moksha (Fiction ) 

Minds Games (Non Fiction) 

Score More (Self Help)

To read his poem in “Skipped Heartbeats”, order your copies today here

Here we get to know him more closely:

Nainika: Hi Rohit, many congratulations for Skipped heartbeats.

Firstly tell me Rohit, having your own publishing venture, how do you fell to get associated with Gargi Publishers?

Rohit: Getting associated with Gargi Publishers adds one more feather to my cap. Apart from my own venture i.e., First Step Publishing, Gargi Publishing is the second Publishing firm that I am associated with. 

Nainika: Being a chemical engineer, how did your interest towards literature developed?

Rohit: Being an introvert person since childhood, I found it difficult to express my feeling s and share my emotions. So I started to pen them down and over years this habit developed a keen interest in literature. 

Nainika: Having so many writers associated with you, which is the one whom you remember most and whose writing has touched you the most?

Rohit: Well, with First Step Publishing I am associated with over 100 writers from 7 countries; and to pick one will be not right. I may sound diplomatic here but all the writers have touched my heart in their own specific right. 

Nainika: How do you manage between family business and your hobby so well?

Rohit: I follow a very strict schedule. At times it seems as an orchestrated confusion; a ballet dance on a sword. But yes I have dedicated time towards my family business and my hobby. Moreover I have my family’s support as well which makes the difference.

Nainika: Would you like to share any experience of yours that teaches your writers like us some lesson?

Rohit: Be Patient. Don’t rush while writing; Take your own time. I have heard from many writers that they write a specific set of words daily. But don’t do that; instead read; Keep a target in reading than writing words. 

Nainika: Out of so many titles published under your name, which one is your favorite and is there any specific reason for the same?

Rohit: Well, being published with 3 publishing houses including mine ;), and with 5 poetry titles, 2 fiction, and one self help. The book which is my favorite is Murdered To Moksha, It has its own set of reasons. But mainly because its finalized by a Bollywood Director to make a movie out of its adaptation. Also a short movie has been made keeping the story line in mind and it has bagged a nomination in Miami’s International Film for the Best Story in International Category as well as for Debut Writer in International Category. 

Nainika: According to you, what is that special part of poetry that is usually missing in literature segments other than poetry?

Rohit: Poetry is more say in less words. Its this very essence I look out when I read and write poems as well. Other than poetry; A Rhythmic flow which soothes one. There can be jumps and clicks in a fictional manuscript; but at the end it should all fall in its place. 

Nainika: Please tell us something about “Of your soul I am Part”, which is part of skipped heartbeats

Rohit: This poem has been written from my lovers perspective. Love brews between the two and both of them know about it. They have confessed about their love to each other. But due to some circumstances they can’t be one. But happy knowing the fact that love still exists and its with souls they are connected. 

Nainika: Please tell us something about “The essence of her presence”, which is part of skipped heartbeats?

Rohit: The essence of her presence is a poem about the wimp of a lonely lover who is saved by ‘Her’ a mysterious female who gives him a ray of light to live. Its mainly a comparison of before and after he meets this mysterious life saver. 

Nainika: Please tell us something about “I’D have to be a thief”, which is part of skipped heartbeats?

Rohit: I’d Have to be a Thief is one of the poems closest to my heart. I have tried to portray a painter who is trying to paint a portrait his muse, a sculpturalist who is trying to model out his muse in clay, a musician who has written a euphony that no choir can sing. In short all forms of artisans gathering inspiration from their muse and trying to portray them in their specific skill sets. 

Nainika: Which among the three is closest to your life?

Rohit: Among the three, “I’d have to be a thief” is closest to my heart and “Essence of her Presence” is closest to my life.

Nainika: Rohit, my last question would be a task actually, I’m giving you five words, you have to give a message in form of poetry to our readers using those words, so your five words are,

“Exactly, eventually, ecstasy, determined and Reality”

Rohit: I have written a small verse using these five words and would like the readers to decipher the meaning and get back to me on

I want to be like you exactly

And as soon as I get over this.

So Eventually

It's no more or less our fault

Than it is our destiny

How could it be that I'm in ecstasy?

These eyes of mine at once determined

Uncompromising rude reality