Saturday, 31 May 2014

Gargi Publishers - The House of Creative Minds

Who are we?

Founded by Pulkit Gupta, Gargi Publishers stands on the base of quality, honesty and faith. We provide platform to all the budding authors to showcase their talents.

How we started?

Gargi Publishers is a brainchild of Mr. Pulkit Gupta, who after emerging in the Books’ Industry as an Author and observing it’s intricacies for several months, decided to launch his own publication house. He named his publication as “Gargi” being inspired by the same emotional sentiment that he shared with his late mother, Mrs. Gargi Gupta.

It’s a revolutionary concept, determined to set some new trends in the industry. Being a debutant with ‘Life and Promises’ and creating a name for himself in such a short span of time, acted as a booster for him and motivated him to work harder with each of his new projects. Maintaining the same standards, Gargi Publishers founded in April, 2014 already has several books in its kitty in less than 2 months. His very first product is already a hit, and earning high appraisals from all the corners of India and encouraging him to venture further.

At Gargi, we have a vivacious team of Editors, Guest Editors, Mentors, Typesetters, Interns and Cover Designers who are devoted to their work and put all their efforts in the making of a quality product. We are already receiving praises for our printing quality, professional typeset and above all our book covers.

It is a fact to be acknowledged that within two months, we have writers from various fields associated with us. Our distribution network too is growing though all the regions of the country.

Our entire team is united to bring out the best quality books and market them in the best possible light under the able leadership of Mr. Pulkit Gupta. Guided by our dreams and encouraged by the positive responses by our clients, we are sure to make our presence felt everywhere and create ripples in the stagnant ocean.

Submission Guidelines:

You know, there is a story that all of us have, something that lays hidden deep inside, something that brings a smile on your face, something that wretches you apart... Yeah, that story, that damn story which makes your life unique, that story which gives you a new dimension to your journey. That story needs to be heard. Share with us your stories at

We are accepting unsolicited fiction and non-fiction for consideration. Synopsis, three sample chapters (three stories in the case of short story collections or 5 poems in the case of poetry collections) and author bio is what we would need. Oh and yes, don’t miss out the cover letter... Who knows it might just be the ‘Game Player’.

Get your creative juices flowing. We are excited to read your work.

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